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Terms of Acceptance

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The Challenge

The Logicalis Global Innovation Challenge is an internal competition covering the entire innovation process from idea generation to selection and implementation.

The competition challenges employees to develop new solutions or innovative applications on existing solutions using Cisco APIs that permit the publication within the Cisco DevNet marketplace.

Additionally, each proposal must show how it benefits the environment or society at large.

Main Goals

The Logicalis Global Innovation Challenge goals are:

  • Promote a positive innovation culture, and encourage employees to develop their potential and creativity
  • Stimulate communication and interaction between local and regional teams
  • Nurture the development of high added value solutions with commercial potential
  • Highlight the contributions that technology can bring to social and environmental challenges
  • Position Logicalis as the "Architects of Change" and assure the adoption of the new brand platform
  • Foster entrepreneurship spirit within Logicalis
  • Increase Logicalis’ maturity level on technologies that are foundational to our solutions and services (i.e., DevNet)
  • Gain early vision and insight into changing industry trends

Expected Benefits

The expected benefits from the Logicalis Innovation Challenge are:

  • Address customer business outcomes by investing in the ideas generated through the innovation challenge
  • Increase brand exposure, including our global presence through coordinated marketing activities and "word-of-mouth"
  • Develop our employees’ skills, connect them across multiple areas and regions, and amplify Logicalis’ culture of innovation
  • Identify talents and provide an additional exposure platform to employees

Eligibility Criteria - who can join the competition?

The Logicalis Global Innovation Challenge is open to all employees. They need to build a team and propose a solution based on Cisco technologies that focuses on bringing positive social and environmental contributions:

  • The idea must come up with a positive social and environmental impact
  • The idea must include any Cisco APIs that permit the publication within the Cisco DevNet platform
  • The team must have a maximum of 4 members from the same region (LATAM, Europe, ASIA, Australia, or US), and should not include C-levels and their direct reports
  • Participation in the Global Challenge is meant to be a fun way of promoting innovation across the Group. Consequently, participants, mentors, and judges must acknowledge that they give their time freely and it should not interfere with client work
  • Logicalis will own any intellectual property rights

Participants - Roles Definitions

  • Steering Committee Committee is the team responsible for coordinating the program in each region, supporting the challengers in ideas development, and facilitating their interaction with other members and areas of the company. The Committee is composed of:
    • Sponsors are high-level executives from each region that will support the program and provide any required resources
    • Ambassadors are leaders with innovative and entrepreneurial profiles from each region that have a level of influence inside the organization, and who could encourage people to join the competition. They will be supporting teams throughout the competition, helping team building, solving doubts, discussing ideas and solutions, providing guidelines and recommendations, selecting regional mentors and regional judges, and running the Regional Event jointly with the marketing team
    • Marketing Leaders accountable for the Engagement Campaign
  • Challengers are the teams of 4 (four) participants who will jointly develop the project
  • Regional Mentors are Logicalis employees in middle and high management positions invited by regional sponsors and ambassadors of the program. Their primary duties are to facilitate the interaction of the participants with other employees, as well as coach the professionals in all stages of the Program
  • Regional Judges are the regional leaders who will participate in the decision-making committee during the regional events and who will decide the regional winner. They will also play the role of sentinels, observing the talents and innovation and entrepreneurship capacity of the participants
  • Global Judges are the executives who will define the Global Winner. The group includes C-level executives from Logicalis and an executive from Cisco.


The program has a couple of phases with specific deliverables in each of them. Phases 2, 3, 4, and 5 will be conducted on a regional level. Only Phases 1 and 6 will be on a global scale.

The timeline presented in this document may not be the final version, and changes can occur throughout the competition. In case of changes, the Steering Committee will communicate them in advance. The phases are described below:

  1. Phase 1 - Introduction to DevNet
    The Logicalis Global Innovation Challenge will be launched in May 4th, 2020. During the first month after launch, the focus will be on creating DevNet awareness through the Challenge website, Cisco training, and Logicalis sessions. The idea is to make people more confident to participate and allow them to understand that different capabilities are needed, not just developers.
  2. Phase 2 - Submissions’ Period
    After being introduced to DevNet, the challengers will have two months (June and July) to define their teams and come up with the ideas. The teams will apply to the Challenge through a specific page on the website, in which they will be requested to fulfill scripted questions and submit a short video (up to 3 minutes) explaining their ideas. The challengers will need to specify the region they are applying to. It is highly recommended that at least one member of each team creates a login in DevNet’s platform since it is an excellent source of content and case studies.
  3. Phase 3 - First Screening and Mentors’ assignment
    On this first screening, the videos and submissions will be analyzed by the Regional Mentors. They will validate if the candidates from their region meet all the requirements, answer all the questions, and present a proper video. If the application meets all the demands, the team will have a Mentor assigned, and it will proceed to the next phase.

    Phase 3 is scheduled for the beginning of August 2020.
  4. Phase 4 - Ideas Nurturing
    Regional teams will be engaged in skills and competencies development, such as the Cisco DevNet program, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. The teams will work on ideas with a "Business Case" mindset.The objective is to take the solution to the market, reinforcing Cisco & Logicalis joint differentiators and driving relevant business to the partnership.
  5. Phase 5 - Regional Events
    Teams will prepare an "elevator pitch" up to five minutes to be presented during the Regional Event. Each presentation will be subjected to additional questions for a maximum of 5 minutes. At the end of the event, the local judging panel will select one regional finalist by vote or consensus.

    The events will happen regionally (not country by country) during September 2020.
  6. Phase 6 - Global Event
    The four regional finalists’ teams will present their solution to the Global Judges. The presentation should last up to 20 minutes (10 minutes presentation + 10 minutes to questions). The executives will elect, by vote or consensus, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

    The events will happen during October 2020.


All regional finalists will have the opportunity to attend a course at Silicon Valley Innovation Center with all the costs – plane ticket, insurance, hotels, transportation, and food – subsidized by Logicalis.

Besides that, the prizes include:

  • 1st place
    • "Seed money" to further develop the idea (Minimal Viable Product)
    • Internal and external publicity for the winning team
  • 2nd place
    • "Seed money" to further develop the idea (MVP)
  • 3rd place
    • "Seed money" to further develop the idea (MVP)
  • 4th place
    • "Seed money" to further develop the idea (MVP)


The main rules of the Challenge are:

  • The team must have a maximum of 4 members from the same region (LATAM, Europe, ASIA + Australia, US), and should not include director-levels and above
  • The idea must be based on Cisco DevNet and must come up with a positive social and environmental impact
  • Participation in the Global Challenge is meant to be a fun way of promoting innovation across the Group. Consequently, participants, mentors, and judges must acknowledge that they give their time freely and it should not interfere with client work
  • The time spent with the idea development should not interfere in the activities and responsibilities of employees’ work
  • Participation in the program is optional and voluntary, and it will not be considered in employees’ performance evaluation since the activities are not related to their work and their positions/roles
  • Logicalis will own any intellectual property rights. All the creations and solutions developed for the program will belong solely and exclusively to Logicalis, without any territorial limitation, or of modality, use, registration or export, as well as alteration, adaptation, updating, improvement or derivation
  • If the intellectual creation incorporates any pre-existing rights owned by the participant, Logicalis may use it free of charge, exclusively and perpetually, with the right to sublicense it throughout the world
  • Participants authorize Logicalis to use their image and data for institutional or marketing materials, as well as the implementation and disclosure of the projects developed during the program; Logicalis’ implementation and advertising of intellectual creations and solutions from the program are optional, whether the solution is the winner or not; Participants are only entitled to the expectations and benefits provided for this Challenge, including, but not limited to, the gains mentioned in the ‘Main Goals’ and ‘Expected Benefits’ sections above
  • Any doubts related to the Logicalis Global Innovation Challenge should be clarified by consulting the document called FAQs (frequently asked questions), available on the Program’s website. If the document does not clarify the existing doubt, the professional may submit the new question on the same website’s page